Musictown Studio exists to provide a dynamic learning environment to develop a life long passion for performing and creative arts. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced students can take one-on-one or group lessons with instructors. Voice, guitar, recording, and piano are only a few of the areas lessons are available.

Musictown Studio‚Äôs not just for elementary age children through adults. It’s even for the youngest child. Instructors Bessie Barth and Brianna McCullough, Board Certified Music Therapists, provide a class called Toddler and Preschool Music Group for infant to preschool age children of all abilities. In this group, attenders will sing, play instruments, move to the music, learn, and interact with other children. Musical activities within the group address fine and gross motor skills, communication, social interaction, and pre-academics like colors, animals, shapes. Classes are Mondays from 11 am – Noon and Thursdays from 9 – 10 am. It costs $10 for each participating child. Registration is not required.

Located in the heart of Woodland, Musictown Studio services Woodland and surrounding communities.


Open by appointment only. Please contact us for information about instructors, lesson pricing, and availability.

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General Emails: info@musictownstudio.net

Studio Phone Number: 530.402.1950

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