Band Camp Concert is Coming

Band Camp Concert is Coming

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Have you heard of Musictown Studio’s Band Camp?

Musictown Studio has watched students grow from beginning students to talented musicians. Some of these students began wondering what they could do with their skills and love for music. From there, an idea was formed, and a pilot program was started.

Five students were invited to participate in Musictown Studio’s first Band Camp. In addition to weekly lessons, these students were asked if they’d like to come for an additional 90 minutes a week for guidance from an instructor and learn songs with other students in a band. And the five students who were asked said, “Yes!”

Since February, the students have come together to develop a repertoire of songs. May 8 & 9 the students debuted their skills at Musictown’s Spring Recitals.



On May 30, Band Camp is coming together to perform all of the songs they have worked on during their time together. Family, friends, and community members are invited to enjoy a night of music at The Alleyway featuring these talented musicians.

Everyone is welcome, and admission is free. Hope to see you there!