Building Spaces to Create More Community

Building Spaces to Create More Community

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Have you heard the news? Musitcown Studio is under construction!

Summer 2017, Musictown Studio expanded to two locations. The locations allowed for more lesson opportunities with the addition of four classrooms and new group classes with the addition of a large classroom. Some of the group classes included drum clinics, parenting creatives, photography, sewing, art, and more. It’s been wonderful to see growth and love for creative arts!

One studio with two locations was missing something: our Musictown community. After speaking with many families over the months, there was an echoing theme that they missed seeing and hearing the music from the other lessons. Sometimes families were confused at which location to go to as well.

So after careful thought and consideration, Musictown Studio’s Court Street Campus is under construction to build more lesson spaces. This first phase includes remodeling studio room 4 to create a hallway, changing a kitchen into studio room 6 that has a new entrance, relocating an office to create studio room 7, and updating bathrooms to be ADA compliant. When phase one is complete, Court Street Campus will go from having five classroom to seven classrooms!

Studio Room 4
The brown door leads to the kitchen and future Studio Room 6.


Studio Room 4
View from the other side of the room. This room will have a new wall to create a hallway where the picture is taken from.


Studio Room 4 is ready!


The piano will be covered during construction.


The good news? Lessons at both campuses will continue during construction. Some lessons might be in different rooms or even the other campus, but your instructor will let you know ahead of time.

The unknown news? As with all construction projects, you can never say with 100% certainty how long a project will take. Please be flexible with us as we work to expand our current facility to accommodate everyone in the near future. Also please pardon the extra dust and noise that comes with the creativity and hard work of construction.

The best news? Soon, Musictown will be back together under one roof.

Check out Musictown’s Facebook or Instagram pages to see updates on construction progress.

If you have any questions during this transition, please call 530.402.1950, email, or speak with your instructor.