Summer Recital Series Part 2

Summer Recital Series Part 2

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Students, family, and community members gathered at Musictown Studio’s Alleyway on August 7 for a second night of music in the summer recital series. The warm summer weather was just right. As everyone waited for the performance to begin, they munched on delicious tacos from Las Brasas and enjoyed something to drink.

During the performance, voice, piano, drums, trombone, guitar, and violin students took the stage to demonstrate their skills. The music was fabulous! Selections ranged from childhood favorites like “Old MacDonald” to classics like “Jolene” and current favorites like “Heathens”.

Vocalist singing “Jolene”.

Drum student performing a songa.

Pianist playing “A Jazzy Song”.

Trombonist playing “Yesterdays”.

Guitarist playing “Do Life Big”.

Pianist playing “Mixed Up Song”.

Violinist playing “Gavotte”.

Pianist playing “Bumpy Bus Blues”.

Vocalist singing “Just Like Them Horses”.

Everyone did a fantastic job!

In addition to live music, sewing pieces from one of our child seamstresses was also displayed.

The next recital will be held in December. We’re excited to see students perform and display their work again!