The Alleyway’s Transformation

The Alleyway’s Transformation

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Musictown Studio’s Court Street campus is undergoing remodeling. Since February, parts of the building have been closed off, paper has lined the floors to protect the carpeting, and there has been buzz of machines and hard work as changes were being made during Phase 1.

With the major work complete in Phase 1, Phase 2 of construction is beginning. Phase 2 focuses primarily on The Alleyway. The Alleyway was designed to provide an inside and outside performance venue for current students at Musictown Studio. What began as one garage space, doubled into two, and continued growing until this past winter’s recital had over 60 performers with 200 people in attendance.

The first recital at The Alleyway was only one side of the garage.

The Alleyway transformed into a space using both garages and had a brick background on the stage wall.

Musictown Studio students continued to gain more support from friends, family, and community members. Chairs were added outside the garage for additional seating.

The stage design changed to a painted red brick wall.


This is you! Your support has filled the venue space beyond capacity.

Phase 2 of construction will alter the purpose of The Alleyway. Instead of being a performance venue, The Alleyway will transform into our group classroom similar to what is being used at West Main Street Campus. It will be the future home of Band Camp, Photography, and workshops. The two garage doors will be replaced with a door entrance and windows.

The stage wall is quickly transforming.

Don’t worry. Even though the purpose of The Alleyway is changing, there will still be recitals. The location will simply change.

In addition, the restroom attached to the side of The Alleyway will also be transformed to be ADA compliant. The sink will change locations and styles.

Restroom located on the side of The Alleyway has been prepared for upcoming changes.

Thank you for your flexibility as Musictown Studio transforms. We are so grateful for your support. To see regular updates of the transformation, check our Musictown’s Instagram and Facebook pages. If you have any questions about the changes, please call 530.402.1950 or email We’d be delighted to talk with you!