Missy Day

Missy Day

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Occupation: Vocal Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Humanities English from Biola University

Instruments: Voice

Meet Missy, short for Melissa. She was our first female instructor to join Musictown Studio.

Missy began learning music in the second grade. While voice is her principal instrument now and one of the areas she is giving lessons in, it didn’t start that way. She started taking piano lessons in the second grade because her parents vetoed her figure skating idea and aspirations of becoming the next Michelle Kwan. Around fifth grade, Missy took up the flute and started playing in the school band. It wasn’t until junior high that Missy really began singing. She’d never thought of herself as a “singer” until someone next to her at youth group one night heard her singing during one of the worship songs and said, “Wow, Missy. You have a really pretty voice– you should sing solos or something.” About a month later, she sang her first solo in church, “People Get Ready” by Crystal Lewis. After that, she started getting involved in choirs, musical theatre, worship teams, and music theory classes– basically anywhere that would allow her to sing and to learn how to sing better.

Missy studied at Biola University in La Mirada, California and graduated with a bachelor of arts in Humanities English, with a minor in Biblical Studies. While she was a music major (voice principal) for a year, she switched to English her sophomore year to pursue her interests in writing and editing. Despite the change in major, Missy continued being involved in the music program at Biola until she graduated.

Today, Missy’s love for music is shared with her family. She agrees with her four-year-old daughter Malaya’s reasoning for loving music: “Because music and singing makes God happy.” She and her husband, Josh, are the worship leaders at Woodland United Fellowship. Missy sings and plays piano, and Josh sings and plays guitar. In addition, Missy actually still has and can still play the same flute she started with in fifth grade. If you’re in a pinch and need a rhythm person, she’s also a mean back-up drummer.

Photo by Bethany Petrick.